I Behold Your Glory


I Behold Your Glory CD01500

A total worship journey from 'Psalm 5' an acapella prayer, to 'Jude'. The album revives two hymns 'It is well with my soul' - a wonderful spirit lifting production and 'Rock of Ages' and age old classic with a subtle but welcoming twist. The title track 'I Behold Your Glory' is a beautiful song that ushers listeners right into the presence of God as all join with the angels crying "Holy! Holy! Holy".

There are a variety of slow and up tempo tracks on this album, which combine together to form a wonderfully fulfilling worship experience.

Track NoTrack NameTime
1Psalm 52:16
2Every Tribe and Every Nation6:43
3Happy Song3:36
4The Next Level5:02
5Holy Ghost Fire8:25
6It is Well With My Soul5:30
7You Answered Me3:21
8Rock of Ages4:23
9How We Love Your Name5:04
10Holy You Are Lord7:57
11I Behold Your Glory8:30
12Jesus Has Risen6:31
13Jude 2:181:45
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CD:I Behold Your Glory